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01 July 2020 @ 07:46 pm
I usually only use this for communities, but if you really care, the rest is friends only. Sorry bbs, just add me, I'll definitely add you back if you seem legitimate.

edit - i'm half public half private now.

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14 March 2011 @ 07:34 pm
To the people reading this not on my friend list, you know who you are:

you are lunatics. i am not a delaney. if i had info i wouldn't share with you. leave me alone before i sue you for stalking. thanks and bye.
re: taking away federal funding from Planned Parenthood

Separation of church and state etc. we all know they mostly republican men in the house voted for this because of their religion since they think this will shrink the amount of abortions (WHICH IT WON'T RETARDS, from what I recall, there isn't federal money given to that anyway). The senate better not pass this. They most likely won't because it's controlled by the democrats but I haven't been so pissed at the government in a while. Have we reverted back to the 30s? Women have a choice, Men shouldn't get to choose something they'll never experience. I'm so sick of these super christian people trying to force their beliefs down other people's throats. 95% of what planned parenthood does doesn't even have to do with abortion. Maybe these men should a.) get some education and b.) be a woman for a day. in the end, all i can say is FUCK THEM.

Just so many fucking DUMB people in office, I can't even. No one is forcing these hardcore christians to go into Planned Parenthood and get free birth control, cervical and std tests, etc. But they are seriously trying to force us non-conservatives to carry out their wishes. HOW IS THIS EVEN FAIR? THE WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY SHOULD BE BANNED - AT LEAST MOST. There NEEDS to be a separation of Church and State, and it will NEVER happen when there are uber religious people in office.


I eagerly await the senate's respond to this shit.

P.S dumb shits, planned parenthood is some people's only form of sex education therefore PREVENTING PREGNANCY AND ABORTION.